Special Ed - Mathematics

Dr. Jennifer Clemmons
Rebecca Gaddie
Randi Womack


The MISSION of the GRREC Math Consultants is to build capacity within our region's educators to strengthen teaching and learning of mathematics.

GRREC's Math Consultants support teachers and leaders in fostering a classroom environment that embraces a love of learning and creates mathematically proficient students. When educators engage in professional learning at a deep level around math content and pedagogy, they can enhance their instructional practices resulting in increased student achievement. For more information about math support, please contact Dr. Jennifer Clemmons, Rebecca Gaddie, or Randi Womack.

Contact Information:

Dr. Jennifer Clemmons, jennifer.clemmons@grrec.org

Rebecca Gaddie, rebecca.gaddie@grrec.org

Randi Womack, randi.womack@grrec.org