MSP Grant

Kim Estes

MSP Grant (Mathematics/Science Partnership Grant)

Kim brings over 18 years of experience in mathematics to our GRREC team.  She has earned a Rank I in Guidance and has a teaching certificate in math for grades 5-12 with an endorsement as a mathematics consultant.  Her career includes experience as a high school mathematics teacher, cognitive coach, elementary math consultant and regional coordinator for Western Kentucky University supporting K-3 math intervention teachers.  As a regional coordinator, Kim facilitated online Centra meetings for math interventionists and math coaches across the state. Mrs. Estes has presented professional development at local, state and national conferences including the Kentucky Teaching and Learning Conference, Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Unleashing Group Genius on Formative Assessment sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  She is a certified trainer for SRA’s Number Worlds Intervention program and served on the Kentucky High School Mathematics Formative Assessment Project.  She was a 2009 nominee for Campbellsville Excellence in Teaching Award and is a distinguished member of the state’s inaugural group of math coaches completing Cognitive Coaching training through the Kentucky Center for Mathematics. For resources for Teaching Mathematics click here .