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Teaching, Evaluating, & Strengthening Student Writing: Grades 6-12
11/13/2017 @ 8:30 AM
11/13/2017 @ 3:30 PM

Angie Gunter
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The first day of this training was rescheduled from August 30th postponement.

The GRREC Exceptional Children Division is pleased to offer this 2-day workshop (1 initial day October 12 with follow-up day later in the semester November 13) for special education and general education teachers, as well as writing interventionists and coaches.

Participants are asked to bring one or two of their writing prompts and a high, medium, and low student writing sample. In Day 1 training, teachers will learn best practice in creating and supporting strong on-demand, constructed/open responses and other high quality writing projects; strategies to foster critical thinking; ways to provide effective, actionable feedback; and student self-assessment processes. Using a standards-based protocol, teachers will analyze their own prompt(s), procedures, and student writing. They'll then use the information from their analysis to strengthen their writing prompts and procedures, formulate a plan for guiding students through the writing process, and address their students' specific writing needs. 

Participants will be asked to administer their revised writing prompts, incorporate stronger procedures, and collect student samples. In the Day 2 training, teachers will learn more advanced writing strategies (student-centered, inquiry-based, metacognitive); analyze their prompts, procedures, and student writing; and revise to strengthen their craft AND student writing.

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