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Teaching and Leading the HEART of the PLC Life
10/17/2017 @ 9:00 AM
10/17/2017 @ 3:00 PM

Kim Estes
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GRREC is pleased to offer a two-day workshop designed to help you discover the HEART of the PLC life, and your heartprint as an educator and leader.  The HEART of the PLC life can inspire you to become an inequity eraser for your students, have a positive impact on the work of teachers, and maximize the greatest potential that lies within you as a teacher and leader.  This inspirational and reflective workshop will challenge you to examine current practice, test new strategies, and reflect on the results.

Based on Dr. Kanold's book HEART!, participants will explore the What and the Why of the PLC culture and life:

  • Creating magnified impact in teacher knowledge and the student learning of mathematics around 6 essential lesson design elements 
  • Erasing inequities in student learning experiences caused by isolated teacher decision-making for students learning mathematics 
  • Connecting the idea of grit and deliberate use of results as a reflective PLC process to focus effort and energy
  • Actively engaging teachers of mathematics in their daily work life
  • Taking a deep look at your PLC Response to Intervention in mathematics, and deciding if it is a high quality team response that benefits each and every child

Registration information is included on the attached file.

Contact Kim Estes at with any questions.

[Download File: Teaching and Leading with HEART 101717 Estes.pdf]

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