Project Prevent Safe*PLACE is a five-year federally funded grant with the intention to support schools as they build a new, sustainable mental health support system that targets all students at the appropriate level.  The project goal is for ALL students to learn in a safe, trusting, trauma-sensitive school environment.  The purpose is to increase the school’s capacity to identify, assess, and serve students exposed to pervasive violence, help offered affected students mental health services for trauma or anxiety, and reduce the likelihood these students will later commit violent acts.  The grant serves 121 schools and more than 54,700 students across 13 districts. Nine mental health professionals will be embedded in the participating districts to support identified students/families with mental health.

STEM-CS is a five-year federally funded EIR grant with the intention to increase teacher effectiveness in the classroom and increase student achievement in STEM fields. Teacher participants are from seven different GRREC school districts who serve rural communities. The high school cohort will begin project work in the first year of the grant with the middle school cohort joining in the third year. Project work will include completing the U.S. Satellite Laboratory’s Endeavor STEM Leadership program and then have the option of pursuing either a Master’s degree (to achieve dual-credit certification), Micro-credentials, or National Board Certification. Additionally, the grant will support professional learning opportunities that address understanding poverty, STEM curriculum development, using achievement data, establishing a STEM network, and increasing access to more STEM opportunities for students.

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