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Investing in Teachers to Invest in the Future of Learning

Meet our Project Team

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 Brenda Duvall, Program Assistant, Dale Goatley, Program Coordinator, Terri Stice, Program Manager

Funded by the Education Innovation and Research Program from the U.S. Department of Education, this is a partnership between  U.S. Satellite Laboratory collaborating with NASA through a Space Act Agreement, BloomBoard, Inc., Western Kentucky University, and participating GRREC school districts. The partnership supports high school and middle school STEM-CS teachers by enhancing their educational practice through various professional learning opportunities. Teacher participants have the option to obtain a Master’s degree for dual-credit certification, Micro-credentials, or National Board Certification. Additionally, all participants will take advanced coursework in STEM-CS to earn a Leadership Certificate from U.S. Satellite's Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project. STEM-CS teachers will engage in curriculum work and on-going professional learning to better support the learning needs of their students.


Project Goals:

  • Improve teacher STEM-CS knowledge, practice, implementation and effectiveness

  • Improve opportunities, access and outcomes for high-need, rural students in STEM-CS


Participating GRREC School Districts:

  • Butler County

  • Caverna Independent

  • Cumberland County

  • Hart County

  • Monroe County

  • Todd County

  • Webster County

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