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The Green River Regional Educational Cooperative is proud to offer a Crisis Response Team as a service to our districts. This team has been in place for over twenty years and has been asked to respond to countless crisis situations throughout our regional and across the state. The GRREC Crisis Response Team is comprised of over 45 individuals from across the region who have been trained in School Crisis Response, utilizing both the PREPaRE model and SAFE-R model. In the event your district experiences a crisis (death or serious injury of a student, faculty/staff, or a community based crisis), we want you to feel confident to reach out, knowing you will find needed support during the most difficult times and situations. 

The GRREC Crisis Response Team will provide:

  • Support in coordinating the most appropriate response to your need based on best-practices. 

  • Trained and experienced Crisis Response Team Members to facilitate and support responses. 

  • Assistance with the supervision and psychological first-aid needs of students and staff involved in the crisis. 

  • Overall support in dealing with the aftermath of the incident. 

Partnering district will: 

  • Allow potential GRREC Crisis Response team members from their district to participate in team trainings and updates, approximately two per year. 

  • Allow GRREC Crisis Response team members from their district to respond to incidents when they are called, unless circumstances within the district prohibit the person from leaving his/her duties at that time. 

  • Be responsible for issuing public statements and following individual district crisis response plans and board policy. 

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