Contact us if you would like more information about a service we currently offer here at GRREC or if you would like for us to customize a service for your needs.

GRREC offers several sources of cooperative purchasing.  KYAEPA, GRREC specific, and KPC contracts have been legally bid on behalf of our member districts, combining the buying power to create larger discounts. 

Crisis Response

GRREC provides crisis response for member districts from a volunteer group of trained counselors employed throughout the entire GRREC Region. This group of counselors are trained on a variety of crises. 

Culture Assessments

Every school has a culture, and every school GRREC offers an opportunity for schools and districts to improve its culture. Collect data in three phases, around three markers of school culture.  The GRREC team will deliver the data to all staff and offer recommendations for improvement.

GRREC / WKU Job Fair

In collaboration with WKU, GRREC hosts a job fair for aspiring teachers. Each semester WKU student teachers attend the Job Fair to meet administrators from approximately 50 school districts across the state that are hiring teachers.

KASHRM Conference

Kentucky Association of School Human Resource Managers includes HR Managers from across the state, and offers an annual HR Managers conference and a boot camp that includes breakouts for HR Managers and their administrative staff.

Mentoring for New Special Educational Directors

GRREC provides on-site, one-on-one mentoring to new Directors of Special Education to support their understanding in (1) ensuring compliant implementation of federal and state IDEA regulations, (2) managing a budget, (3) completing and submitting required reports to KDE, (4) establishing relationships with stakeholders, and (5) locating and using critical resources.  Support is provided monthly during the director’s first year and on-going quarterly support is provided for up to two additional years.

Data Retreats

A dedicated time for school leadership teams to collaboratively analyze data relevant to student performance to determine primary concerns & create a cycle of improvement.

Instructional Rounds

This is a significant shift from the traditional teacher-focused walk-through to an honest, professional, learner-centered observation of the instructional core that points to where instruction, content, and students meet.  In Instructional Rounds, the observers are the key learners, and they learn by looking at the work or tasks, not at the teachers.  Each visit focuses in a pre-identified problem of practice, and after the rounds visits, the school team is left with powerful next steps.

Law Conference

GRREC's Law Conference is hosted annually in partnership with WKU and ELPO to provide legal updates for HR Managers, Principals, Directors of Special Education and District Administrators from across the state.

National Board Certification Support

GRREC NBCT support groups are led by National Board Certified Educators.  Teachers who have participated in the GRREC National Board Certification support have overwhelmingly stated it was an effective experience involving content knowledge, differentiated instruction, teaching practice, classroom environment, and formative assessment. 

Grant Writing

GRREC writes grants on behalf of member districts, as well as communicates grant opportunities to districts and provides support through individualized consultation and editing services for members of our grants consortium.

Mathematics Support

GRREC offers services that support K-12 Mathematics teachers.  On-site, one-on-one and group coaching and consulting are available, as well as professional learning in mathematics content and pedagogy.

Primary teachers face a daunting task in creating a strong foundation of basic literacy skills. They are well aware that this is their role in their school’s accountability.  GRREC is pleased to offer the Primary Reading Academy which will focus on the 5 components of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) and early writing.

Computer Class

Student Voice reveals the secret to turning schools into vibrant communities of engaged learners - simply and profoundly - giving students a voice in their own learning. It offers a hopeful, poignant and elegant vision for closing the gap. 

Explore class differences and 10 actions you can implement in the classroom to improve the success of students in our A Framework for Understanding Poverty workshop. Or, join us for a day exploring Emotional Poverty which addresses anger, anxiety, and violence in the classroom with strategies and best practices that work in classrooms

Technology in the Classroom

The effective and efficient use of technology in the classroom is about Thoughtful Task Design and it does not debate the pros and cons of devices in the hands of our students, but rather focuses on what to include in the curriculum that will make the use of technology beneficial for the learners. For professional learning opportunities to improve your efficiency as an educator with tools such as Google Apps, IOS Apps, Chromebook Apps, Digital Storytelling Apps, etc. or for professional learning to improve your effectiveness as a teacher through technologies to differentiate instruction, formatively assess students, deepen the teaching and learning experiences in your classroom contact GRREC. 

Text Sets (a.k.a. Playlists or Expert Packs) are designed to lead students through effective reading of challenging texts by intentional sequencing, evaluating text complexity, posing relevant essential questions, and designing engaging activities with support built in for struggling readers. Visit our Kentucky Text Set site HERE.